Air Conditioning Tips To Help Reduce Your Energy Bill


Air conditioning is an absolute necessity here in tropical north-eastern Queensland. But there’s no doubt that running air conditioners is an expense we’d prefer to do without.

Summer gets that much hotter when we see our power bills and hear the news announcements about sky-rocketing energy costs.

At Alphacool, as experienced and trusted providers of air conditioning maintenance in Townsville, we know a few tricks to help reduce your energy bills.

Good Habits

Make energy saving part of your everyday routine, especially in the seasonal higher temperatures. Use your air conditioning wisely, at the right time of day. Naturally, the sun’s rays heat up the air, so AC systems work harder to cool it down during the day.

During the night, heat escapes very quickly, particularly when there is no cloud cover.

Rather than trying to keep your interiors at sub-arctic temps and setting your thermostat too cold, keep your air conditioning on a moderate temperature throughout the day to avoid wasting money.
Once you turn off your AC system, open a window or two to allow some air circulate while you sleep.

You can also save money by making sure your thermostats and timers are set correctly.

As the hot season comes to an end and the days get shorter, so should the length of time you’ll need to run your AC unit.

Keep Cool

During our years of air conditioning maintenance in Townsville, we’ve come to know what makes AC units work harder. Some of these are easy to avoid. There are practical steps you can take at home or work to cool the air inside.

Use shade as much as possible. Wherever practical, close blinds and curtains throughout the day. If the air outside is hot, keep your doors and windows closed.

Turn off all electrical appliances you are not using. Don’t leave them on standby. Ideally, you should unplug them from the socket.

The number of gadgets and everyday “essentials” in modern homes and businesses is growing. All of these use electricity, which you pay for. If you don’t really need a machine telling you what time it is, turn it off.

Switch On

These are just some of the ways you can save money on air conditioning energy bills.

As experienced professionals in in Townsville, our air conditioning maintenance team knows all the ins and outs. To find out more, please explore our website or call us on 1300 3 ALPHA.

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