Commercial Air Conditioners on top of a Roof in Cairns

Can Air Conditioning Reduce Stress?

We all know that people become stressed when they are too hot.

Living in a tropical climate with consistently high humidity is one of the biggest reasons why people go looking for air conditioning installation in Cairns with companies like Alphacool.

Does Being too Hot Cause Discomfort?

If you are the sort of person who would prefer to be too cold rather than too hot, then you are probably one of the people who feels a great deal of displeasure and discomfort when overly hot.

Even being a little too hot can cause you problems. If you are blisteringly hot, then the heat itself can become the main cause of your discomfort and ergo, your main cause of stress.


Does Discomfort Make Stress Worse?

It probably goes without saying that most types of discomfort make stress worse.

For example, if you were on a packed train, late for work, and at a nice temperature, then you would be in a bad mood. If you were in the same situation, but you were very hot, then you would feel far worse and far more stressed.


It is Your Reaction That Causes Sweat

Sit in front of a gas fire, and the warmth is very dry, so it feels nice.

Even if you sweat a little, the heat evaporates it and you feel fine. However, if it is too hot because of a heatwave with humidity, and you are sticky, sweaty and getting more and more tired, then you feel very stressed and very uncomfortable.

The cool air on a beach is not so great, but cool air during a heatwave inside your house is glorious. Your reactions to these changes in heat will also affect your stress levels. After all, it is difficult to feel relieved and stressed at the same time.

Would you rather be stressed at a nice temperature, or stressed and sweaty? If you put it that way, then the answer is obvious.

If you are looking for top quality air conditioning installation in Cairns or the surrounding region, then get a quote from us here at Alphacool.

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