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Commercial Air-conditioning in Cairns

Alphacool is a leading commercial air conditioning specialist in North Queensland. With branches in Cairns and Port Douglas, Alphacool can take care of all your commercial air conditioning needs—including 24-hour emergency breakdown recovery. We design, build, and install air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial properties in locations from Bowen to the Torres Strait. 

Alphacool specialises in commercial and industrial air conditioning system:

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Our North Queensland installations include commercial air conditioning for hotels, airports, supermarkets, clubs, government buildings, colleges, hospitals, and other large commercial properties.

Having offices in Cairns and Port Douglas means that our clients are not at the mercy of distance. We can respond efficiently and we can pass on some of the economies of being able to strategically organise delivery of materials, as well as manpower and vehicles.

Residential Air con — HVAC in Bungalow, QLD

Alphacool is fully licensed and insured and all of our work is performed in strict accordance with the latest Australian standards.

Our team of refrigeration and air conditioning technicians undergo continuing training and education to ensure that new technologies and industry changes don’t escape their attention. Dedicated to our clients, we are a company of committed professionals who excel at what we do and who are always available to ensure that your commercial air conditioning operations continue without disruption.

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For a free consultation, further information, or to book an air conditioning installation.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems are by nature in use almost constantly throughout the year. The stresses they endure are considerable. Obviously manufacturers, such as Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Temper Zone, and Actron Air, do what they can to make sure their systems are up to the challenges.
Integral to keeping your commercial air conditioning system running at its best is scheduled maintenance. As the leading supplier of commercial air conditioning in Cairns, AlphaCool is proud to have a team of technicians who are second to none when it comes to training and knowledge.
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Industrial Air Conditioning — HVAC in Bungalow, QLD
AlphaCool’s air conditioning and refrigeration experts service all major brands of HVAC systems. Our routine maintenance services include:

As part of your scheduled maintenance, our technicians provide a full report of the state of your system and advise you of any problems that have been detected. To resolve any issues, you’ll be advised of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

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