Do Ducted Air Conditioners Need to Be Serviced?

Do Ducted Air Conditioners Need to Be Serviced?

Ducted air conditioners are designed to circulate cool air throughout your home using a series of ducts which lie in the walls.

As with every other type of AC unit, their efficiency can fluctuate depending upon their age and levels of use.

In order to maximise the life of your central air-conditioning, you may need to call in Alphacool for an air conditioning service Cairns homeowners and businesses trust.

Prolonging the life of your Air Con unit

Regular servicing of your air conditioner will prolong the life of the unit and help reduce excessive power consumption.

Keeping your filters clean

When you speak to us about a service for your ducted AC unit, one of the most important areas we will look at will be your filters.

Cleaning a filter can increase your efficiency by as much as 15 percent, which can keep your machine operating for longer.

Removing dirt and debris from the filter improves the flow of air and reduces energy costs.

Keeping your drains clean will reduce the chances of the unit overflowing. This will avoid major ceiling damage and expensive insurance claims.

Choose a suitable temperature

You may have a particular preference for the temperature setting in your home, but ideal temperatures are important to reduce the amount of energy your unit uses.

Call in the experts

When you want to make sure that you get the best from an air conditioning service in Cairns, you need to speak to Alphacool about your options.

We can deal with ducted AC unit services, so send us a message about your particular service or call us directly to discuss.

Alphacool service

Alphacool do not only do your air conditioning service they can also assist you with installations of new air conditioners or any of your Electrical, Fire or commercial refrigeration needs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to make a booking.