Is My Air Conditioner Faulty?

We all rely on our air conditioning systems on the Coral Coast. Townsville is deemed tropical savanna, so it comes with the territory that some extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home, office or factory, means that your air conditioning is going to need to work hard. It’s not uncommon for air con systems to develop problems, in particular, some that may not be obvious.

Our experience, as the quick-response team on call for air conditioning service and repairs in Townsville, is that a preventative approach is the best. Diagnosing issues early on helps avoid costly replacements. It’s not only better for the AC system itself, it will also save you time, money and hassle.

Telltale Signs

One of the telltale signs of a faulty air conditioning system is unexpected temperature changes due to the AC unit failing to produce air at the temperature settings you specify.

Whatever the outside conditions, a healthy air conditioner will be able to deal with them and deliver a steady flow of air throughout your premises at the temperatures you select.

Air that unexpectedly heats up or cools down is a sign of trouble and, no matter how short these periods are, they should not be happening. This could be a signal that there are low levels of refrigerant in your system. It might also be a mechanical issue, such as a malfunctioning compressor.

Air conditioning relies on closed windows and doors but if you’re feeling a “lack of air” in your room or workspace, attention is needed. This reduced air flow can be due to mechanical or filter problems. Filters functioning at full capacity are vital to the health of your air conditioning unit.

Regular Servicing

At AlphaCool, we’ve made it our mission to provide air conditioning service and repairs Townsville residents and businesses can rely on. Here in north-east Queensland, the tropical heat and humidity make it almost impossible to carry on as usual without fully functioning air conditioning.

Just as your car was not designed to be maintenance free, the same is true for your air conditioner. Warranties might give you assurances during their coverage period. But, when the warranty period is over, you have nothing to fall back on except the common sense approach of periodical maintenance.

Scheduling a regular inspection is obviously the least costly option. Your AC system is sure to last longer with a guaranteed service agreement in place.

Regular servicing by AlphaCool will give you peace of mind and save you time and stress. Thanks to your air conditioning system running at its most efficient best, this will also help keep your power bills down.

Don’t wait until the day your air conditioner breaks down, simply get in touch with Townsville’s air conditioning help at AlphaCool today. While you’re there, please take a look around our website. Or just give us a call on 1300 3 ALPHA (1300 325 742).

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