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Air Conditioning Tips To Help Reduce Your Energy Bill


Air conditioning is an absolute necessity here in tropical north-eastern Queensland. But there’s no doubt that running air conditioners is an expense we’d prefer to do without.

Summer gets that much hotter when we see our power bills and hear the news announcements about sky-rocketing energy costs.

At Alphacool, as experienced and trusted providers of air conditioning maintenance in Townsville, we know a few tricks to help reduce your energy bills.

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Is My Air Conditioner Faulty?

We all rely on our air conditioning systems on the Coral Coast. Townsville is deemed tropical savanna, so it comes with the territory that some extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home, office or factory, means that your air conditioning is going to need to work hard. It’s not uncommon for air con systems to develop problems, in particular, some that may not be obvious.

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Why Aircon Maintenance Is Important

As experts in air conditioning maintenance in Townsville we ensure your unit is always up and running when you need and want it.

Taking good care of your air conditioner ensures proper functioning and a longer lifespan.

There are many other good reasons why it is important you follow a proper maintenance schedule.

You can do the job yourself if you are confident in your abilities but, for a job well done, we would always advise to call our professionals at Alpha Cool.

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