What’s Involved In Commercial Air Conditioning Design And Installation?

When it comes to commercial air conditioning design and installation in Cairns, there is a great deal more involved than simply fitting a few AC units is strategic positions.

Here at AlphaCool, we are expert in all aspects of commercial air conditioning.

In the following article, we offer a brief outline of the commercial AC design and installation process.

Site survey and calculating the requirements

A skilled design and installation team will firstly arrange for an onsite survey to discuss and consider the output and positioning requirements of your units.

Choosing the type of system to use will also be crucial to your needs and consideration of efficiency and energy usage.

Calculating your cooling needs

They will also use industry standard calculations to discover the minimum requirements of your commercial air conditioning design and installation in Cairns.

This is done by measuring the area and determining the volume of air that will need to be cooled (or heated). Such things as the position of windows and doors will also be taken into account to determine the optimum positioning of your units.

Considering practical issues for siting of the units

One of the key factors to consider when siting the units is that the distance between the outdoor (business end) of the units and the indoor delivery system ideally needs to be as short as physically possible. The optimum is always to site the outdoor units directly behind the delivery system but this isn’t always practical.  

Discussing your requirements with the experts

While the above provides only a brief overview of commercial air conditioning design and installation in Cairns, expert help is only a phone call away.

Call the expert air conditioning team here at AlphaCool now on 1300 325 742 www.alphacool.com.au.

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